Build From Source #

Without a build script #

It can be build from source easily without any dependencies, or additional requirements except for a c99 compatible compiler. It can be compiled with the following command.

GCC / MinGw / Clang (alias with gcc)

gcc -o pocket cli/*.c src/*.c -Isrc/include -lm


cl /Fepocket cli/*.c src/*.c /Isrc/include && rm *.obj



To run make file on windows with mingw, you require make and find unix tools in your path. Which you can get from msys2 or cygwin. Run set PATH=<path-to-env/usr/bin/>;%PATH% && make, this will override the system find command with unix find for the current session, and run the make script.

Windows batch script


You don't have to run the script from a Visual Studio .NET developer command prompt, It'll search for the MSVS installation path and setup the build environment.

For other compiler/IDE

  1. Create an empty project file / makefile.
  2. Add all C files in the src directory.
  3. Add all C files in the cli directory (NOT recursively).
  4. Add src/include to include path.
  5. Compile.

If you weren't able to compile it, please us report by opening an issue.